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Loan Against Property loan is offered against your existing property.
* Agreement Fee : 1200/- of Each File 
* subsidy 50% & interest Rate 2% yearly flat
* Loan up to 75% of Property Value.
* Loan against Residential / Commercial / Industrial Property/mix land use
* Repayment Tenure Up to 15 Years
* Loan Amount - Upto Rs. 50 Crores
* OD Facility is available.
The most important thing to achieve success is to dream. And when you have a dream, the next challenge is how to achieve it. Loan Against Property helps you in fulfilling that dream.

So go on, while you make your plans, allow us to make sure they reach their heights.
In Loan against property the borrower needs to mortgage his/her property as a collateral security towards the loan. Collateral offered should be freehold (few banks lend against leasehold or power of attorney basis also). The property in case of loan against property can also be offered of the individuals which can be of directors / partners The best in its kind, (Loan against property) are also known as all purpose loan where one can use the funds to expand or start ones business, purchase/renovate a property, debt consolidation i.e. To consolidate multiple EMI’s into one single loan, emergencies, education, plan a dream wedding, and the list goes on.

Loan against property are structured against residential & commercial properties and are funded upto a maximum of 75% of the market value of the property.
The Loan amount is determined by a credit check of the profile of the borrower & considering his repayment capacity . Nowadays there are various products of different banks where the borrowers can get a higher loan amount as compared to their income

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